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How Well are Sporting KC Spending Their Money

Another Sporting KC game, another loss. Plus, a breakdown of the salaries that came out this week and the Current fall short.



Credit: Thad Bell

For the Glory KC is back with the 85th episode of the show!

Sporting Kansas City keep disappointing us. This time, it was a 3-2 loss on the road against Austin FC. Peter Vermes made a big deal about “effort” and “mentality” after last week’s loss against the Houston Dynamo, but the changes to the lineup were minimal.

Sheena and I discuss what we thought was going to happen versus what happened and how things played out. Did the new starters play glorious or did the wrong people find their way to the bench? The only changes were Erik Thommy, Robert Castellanos and Zorhan Bassong starting while Willy Agada, Robert Volder and Tim Leibold found themselves benched (though Agada subbed in eventually).

Then we couldn’t avoid our chance to play Fantasy Sporting Director as the salaries for Sporting KC were released and there are a lot of questionable contracts on the list. Sheena managed to limit the amount of blackmail accusations, but we both have strong opinions about who is being paid too much and just a little on who is underpaid.

The Kansas City Current couldn’t lift us out of the doldrums as they gave up a late lead in an extended amount of stoppage time against Racing Louisville. 112 minutes were played in a 90-minute game, so we look at if that time was justified and what could have been done differently to hold on to the lead. But hey, at least the KC Current are still unbeaten! Plus, a ball almost got into the Missouri River!

In the Digital Crawl, we hit a few topics, including:

  • Nashville SC are the first in MLS to fire a coach
  • SKC II update
  • Another Marco Reus rumor
  • Raquino!
  • and what is going on with the Tulsa Athletic

Here is a rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • Sporting KC lose yet again – 6:19
  • SKC/MLS Salaries Released – 27:51
  • KC Current draw late – 1:05:09
  • Digital Crawl – 1:21:21

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Sporting KC vs FC Tulsa, Tuesday, May 21st @ 7:30 PM CDT
  • KC Current at Utah Royals, Saturday, May 25th @ 9:30 PM
  • Sporting KC at Portland Timbers, Saturday, May 25th @ 9:30 PM 
  • SKC II off this week

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