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Finding the “good stuff” in Sporting KC’s losing streak

We attempt to find all the positives from Sporting KC that Peter Vermes was talking about.



Credit: Thad Bell

After Sporting KC’s seventh straight loss, Peter Vermes said, “Other than the 3 goals, there was a lot of good stuff.” To that, we say… challenge accepted!

The latest episode of Shades of Blue attempts to find the positives Vermes is talking about.

Who has been playing themselves into more minutes? Alenis Vargas’ raw speed and strength was certainly a bright spot. Tzionis has improved as well. But we have a lengthy argument about strikers Alan Pulido and Willy Agada, who simply aren’t scoring goals.

Of course the guys are also talking about Vermes’ future with the club. Sporting KC had a decade of consistency and success, built by Peter Vermes. But if the club is no longer meeting that standard set by the man himself, who else is there to blame?

Johnny Russell is showing the passion and drive right now, fighting to the final whistle. JFR doesn’t quit on this team. And neither should you!

We support the badge. See you all on Saturday.

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