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Chris Wittyngham on Peter Vermes & Sporting KC woes

Witty joins us to offer an objective, outsider’s perspective on the troubles facing Sporting KC and Peter Vermes.



Credit: SevenOne Magazine

We got Witty! Shades of Blue is joined by Chris Wittyngham, formerly of The Dan Le Batard Show & Meadowlark Media and currently calling games for Apple’s MLS Season Pass. He’s put out some of the best soccer content you can find and he’s become a leading voice in the US Soccer community.

We spend time on the exciting title race in the Premier League, and how to consume international leagues as an American fan. Chris is working his dream job traveling the country to call matches for Apple broadcasts and he goes all Look At Me Louey with his favorite moments so far.

After a 3-0 beatdown at San Jose, Witty says it’s officially time for Sporting KC fans to panic. Is it time to bench Erik Thommy? Does the current roster have the talent to turn things around and make push for the playoffs?

Pressure is building for Peter Vermes after eight abysmal matches. Witty gives his take on the Fire Vermes debate and the changing landscape of Major League Soccer. His objective, outsider’s perspective is quite interesting and he has hope that all is not lost… just yet.

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